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*Please note that on the weekends we only book sessions of 60-min or longer.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage

This is becoming more popular and is a wonderful opportunity for partners, friends, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons- any two people who would like to experience the nurturing and complete relaxation of a massage performed while they spend quality time together. Two Massage Therapists will treat you and your massage partner in the same studio to a professional, deep relaxation experience.

Couples massage is also a great way to be introduced to massage.

Each session is per pair.

$160 – 60 minute session

$190 – 75 minute session

$234 – 90 minute session

$310 – 2 hour session

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Customized Massage

Our standard sessions are an integration of various types of body work customized to what is needed for your session. Whether you need focus work, general relaxation or a combination of both along with stretching; we find out what is needed and build from there with all of our clients.

$45 – 30 minute session

$60 – 45 minute session

$80 – 60 minute session

$95 – 75 minute session

$117– 90 minute session

$155 – 2 hour session

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Doubles and Couples Massage Destination

Signature Couples Massage

A couples massage customized just for you, including; essential oil of your choice, hot towel treatment, peppermint foot rub, rose infused tea and chocolate truffles.

Each session is per pair.

$190 – 60 minute session

$220 – 75 minute session

$264 – 90 minute session

$340 – 2 hour session

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Prenatal Massage

Used to support the physiological, structural and emotional well being of both mother and baby. Various forms of therapy include Swedish, Deep Tissue and movement. May be applied throughout pregnancy, as well as during labor and the post-partum period.

$82 – 60 minute session

$97 – 75 minute session

$119 – 90 minute session

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Prenatal massage saint paul minnesota

Peppermint Infused Massage

Along with your massage, you will be lathered in pure therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil which has many benefits: Helps with arthritis, muscle & joint pain, is an anti-inflammatory and has calming and energizing effect on the body. This session will leave you, your joints and muscles feeling a sense of relief that will last well beyond your session.

*Please note that if you have sensitive skin than this session may not be right for you*

$87 – 60 minute session

$127 – 90 minute session

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Massage Cupping Fusion

 Is a therapy that uses cups on the skin to create a counter-pressure effect. This technique can loosen tight muscles, encourage blood flow, sedate the nervous system and train the neuromuscular system. We do not do fire cupping.

(It is best to avoid dairy and alcohol before doing cupping as it pulls toxins to the surface very quickly and can be harder on the body. Can be draining for those who have low energy and suffer from severe depression).

First 30-minutes of your session will be cupping work. The second half will be hands-on massage techniques that will integrate the work. Great combination!

$90 – 60 minute session

$127 – 90 minute session

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Focus Session

With our specialty focus sessions we will target area of concern (or favorite) and use our medical grade blend of essential oils that help with muscle/joint pain, arthritis and inflammation to add significant relief as well as a tens unit (a low voltage electrical current for pain relief).

$52 – 30 minute session

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Wellness Package

Come in for regular self-care to receive optimal benefits at a discounted rate of $10 off per session when you purchase 3 at a time.
*Packages are not transferable* *Wellness Packages may not be purchased with discounted Gift Cards*

$210 –  (3) 60 minute sessions

$321 – (3) 90 minute sessions