Welcome to harmony and balance.

Avivage Massage welcomes every*body* into our tranquil environment. Our space is inspired to awaken yet calm all of the senses to bring about balance and harmony. Here you can take a break, let go, and allow our skilled therapists to help bring you back to balance. 

Everyone is welcome.

The importance of bringing relief and awareness to the body includes creating a space where ALL are welcome. This is something we hold dear and we hope you experience a kind, gentle and open feeling when you come into to our space.

Who we serve:

  • Elite athletes

  • Weekend warriors

  • Activists & Community Organizers

  • LGBTQIA Community

  • Chronic pain suffers

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Desk/office workers

  • Mothers to be

  • Computer programmers

  • Stress/tension sufferers

  • Neck/back pain sufferers

  • Whiplash/auto accident injuries

  • Any “body” who wishes for peace and wants to begin within themselves